Welcome to GRBL-Plotter

GRBL-Plotter is a graphic converter and gcode sender for all purposes.
The main focus is on the post-processing of vector graphics, the specialty is the preparation of the generated Gcode, which is based on properties of the imported graphics, such as Layer, pen color or pen thickness, and can be sorted:

  • Import of SVG, DXF, HPGL, CSV, Gerber
  • Possible modification of the graphic during the import:
    • Resize to given dimension (SVG)
    • Offset origin to 0;0
    • Sort paths by shortest distance
    • Clipping and tiling of the graphic
    • Hatch fill of closed paths
  • Pen up/down can be implemented as:
    • Z-axis
    • RC-Servo (using spindle PWM)
    • Laser (Spindle on/off)
    • Or define individual commands
  • Possible modification of the generated GCode:
    • Offset, Mirroring, Rotation, Scaling
    • Sorting and delete of code blocks


Download GRBL-Plotter from github.com/svenhb/GRBL-Plotter


Example Code blocks:

SVG graphic with different layer, colors and pen-widths:

This graphic can be opened in GRBL-Plotter via drag & drop (on 2D view).





Output of GRBL-Plotter, if "grouping" is activated:


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