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Graphics import

[Graphics import] includes all settings regarding graphics import and G-Code generation (by 'Text creation', 'Simple shape' etc.).

[Path import] [G-Code generation] [G-Code modification] [Use cases]

Path import

Settings regarding import of SVG, DXF, HPGL, CSV, etc. files.

Format related:


  • SVG: automatically resize to a specific value (to fill your drawing area)
  • SVG: automatically apply hatch-fill if fill color is set




General options:

Accuracy, sorting, how to handle specific patterns, path repetitions.

G-Code appearance




Path add ons:

  • Add a frame
  • Multiply the imported graphics
  • Add a ramp on Z motion

Example 'Frame and multiply'




Path modifications:





Clipping, Tiling:

Clipping: only process a selected area of the imported graphics.

Tiling: divide the graphics into tiles and process them one by one, apply commands before a tile to feed the material,




Grouping, Tool table use:

Grouping: group the graphic objects by pen-color, pen-width or layer.

Tool table use: get selected properties (checkboxes 'from tool table' in G-Code generation) from the current tool table.




Path development:

Example: character "E" with the given settings:

Red lines shows the tool path,gray objects are just for information.


G-Code generation:

Set decimal places (grbl max.: 3 for mm, 4 for inch), code header and footer for individual comands, XY-feed rate, spindle speed, Tool change.

Translate Pen-up/-down commands into Z axis commands







Translate Pen-up/-down commands into PWM (pulse-width-modulation) values to control a RC-servo.
Note: a special grbl version is needed to control a servo.

Video for setup





Translate Pen-up/-down commands into spindle (or laser) on / off commands







Translate Pen-up/-down commands into individual commands







G-Code modification:








Use cases:

Use cases contains a reduced amount of saved machine settings (ini-file) to do a quick setup of the settings.

Also a saved machine-setup [Menu - File - Export machine settings] can be used as a use-case, when copied to the usecase folder (check [Menu - About] for the current location).





Tool table:

Settings, which are related to specific pen-color or pen-width, if tool table is in use.

Examples: [Laser and Pen] [Manual pen change] [Automatic pen change]





Tool change:

Assign scripts, which will be performed on M06 command. See also 'Automatic pen change'


See also: Tool change how it works




Program behavior:

Settings regarding grbl comunication, grbl settings, G-Code loading and saving, camera shape recognition and Notifier

Program start







Program control

Machine limits: get warnings if allowed machine area will be left.

Grbl 4th axis: set name and display of 4th axis.

Rotary axis control: use X or Y as rotary axis and setup




Flow control

Status poll frequency: frequency of grbl position update 

Grbl buffer size: depends on used hardware and grbl version

Streaming properties:  modes, check here character counting

During streaming of G-Code: setting which could reduce CPU load for older computers



Settings for shape recognition in camera form - for automatic fiducial correction







Get updates of your streaming progress via pushbullet or by email






Program appearance:

Settings regarding the Graphical User Interface, Hot-Keys, Game pad, Joystick...

Custom buttons

Custom buttons can also be changed via right-click on button






Hot keys







Game pad







Virtual joystick







2D view







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