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  • Open File: open a supported file via file-open menu (SVG, DXF, Gerber, CSV, Image, GCode, INI)
  • Open Recent File: select last opened file from a list. Note: last processed (streamed to microcontroller) G-Code is on top as "", saved at start of streaming.
  • Save G-Code: Save the editor content via file-save dialog
  • Setup: opens the setup window
  • Export Machine settings: Save almost all GRBL-Plotter settings to an INI file (including grbl-$$ values - if available). Note: this INI-settings are also used for 'use-case' settings and button definitions - just check or compose via a text-editor
  • Import Machine settings: Load an INI file.
  • Language: switch the GUI language between english, german, arabic, spanish, portuguese, russian, chinese, japanese.
    Note: most translations are done via google-translator, if not correct, please give me a note.
  • Exit: close the program


G-Code Creation

  • Create Text: opens a new form to create text g-code from hershey- or SVG-fonts
  • Create Barcode: opens a new form to create g-code to draw barcode or qr-code
  • Convert Image: opens a new form to create g-code from images
  • Create Simple Shapes: opens a new form to create g-code to machine shapes (optional with pockets), bevel/round-offs or round-off in z direction
  • Create Jog path: simple editor to define a jog-path. Intended use: flaten the surface of a workpiece, without the need of other software.
  • Extensions: write your own code-creator-scripts, which will be listed here. Examples: Conic spiral, Nut recess, Spherical bowl, SVG example.<br>Scripts can read GRBL-Plotter settings from windows-registry, GRBL-Plotter recognizes created code in script an can load it from clipboard.


G-Code Transform

If no grafic object (figure or group) is selected all objects will be transformed.
Note: if a G2 or G3 command is in use, single X- or Y-scaling are not enabled.
- Either first perfom the transformation "Replace G2/3 by lines"
- or import graphics with option "Avoid G2/3 commands".















Machine Control

  • Laser tools: opens a new form to adjust settings for laser use
  • Coordinate Systems: settings of all stored grbl coordinates (G54 G59, G28, G30, G92)
  • DIY control: opens a new form to show communication to serial port to pass through commands directly to 1st grbl
  • Show Camera: opens a new form to show camera features
  • Control Streaming: opens a new form to allow grbl 0.9 overrides of feed rate and spindle speed for 1st grbl
  • Control 2nd GRBL: opens a new form to communicate with 2nd grbl
  • Control 3rd serial COM: opens a new form to control a device via a 3rd serial
  • Projector: displays the graphics with a projector on the workpiece
  • Grbl Setup: shows all grbl settings in a new form
  • Process automation: a workflow can be programmed and run repeatedly




  • Ruler: hide or show the ruler
  • Info: hide or show additional info text
  • Pen-Up path: hide or show the pen-up path (green)
  • Fixed Machine area: if enables the initial view shows the machine dimension [Setup - Program behavior - Program control]
  • Machine limits: show restricted area arround machine dimension [Setup - Program behavior - Program control]
  • G-Code Dimension: show dimension of whole graphic
  • Tool table: show positions from tool table
  • Background: show background data, e.g. previous object position
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