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Settings related to G-Code generation / default parameter

Graphics import - G-Code generation

General parameter

  • Decimal places: defines the number of decimal places exported into the G-Code.
    Note: too less decimal places could cause error 33 when using G2 / G3  (arc) command.
  • G-Code Header: apply indivdual code for program start, separate lines with ';'.
    Note: some settings are not required due to default status after grbl reset (G0, G54, G17, G90, G94, G21, G40, G49, M0, M5, M9).
  • G-Code Footer: apply indivdual code for program end, separate lines with ';'.
    Note: if you want to move to default position finally, first move the pen upwards, then (new line) move to desired position, e.g.: "Z5;X0Y0".
  • XY Feedrate: the movement speed, when using G1, G2 or G3 command. Can be overwritten by 'tooltable use'.
    Note: grbl will never exceed the speed, set via $110, $111.
  • Spindle speed: the S value (PWM value), applied to the spindle control command M3 or M4. Can be overwritten by 'tooltable use'.
    Note: check also the special grbl Laser Mode.
  • Lasermode: replaces the M5 spindle off command by M3/M4 S0 command.
  • Direction / Lasermode: see above.
  • Delay after Spindle 'ON': it is a security wait time, so you have time to reset grbl, before the router starts with spindle off and breaks the milling bit.
  • Add Tool Change command Tx M06: adds the tool change command to the G-Code.
    Note: the 'M06 command is not supported by gnea/grbl and will be skipped / replaced by grbl-Plotter.
  • Add Pause (M0) instead: for manual tool change, a M0 command is enough.
  • Additional G-Code comments: add some comments to the generated G-Code.



Pen up / down translation

This section defines the generated G-Code for tool (pen) -up/-down movement. Tools could be moved (activated) via Z-axis, RC-Servo, solenoid / relais / power on/off or somehow different (individual).

Z axis

  • Use Z-axis and spindle: activates the spindle on program start and applies the given Z-axis values for pen-up / -down.
  • Z-Feedrate: with this option the graphic objects will be sorted to avoid unneeded moves.
  • P90 Z-Height safe: usually a positive value, to move Z above the workpice. P90 is the subroutine number, which could be used inside tool change scripts to perform 'pen-up'.
  • P92 Z-Height engrave: usually a negative value to define the engraving depth into the workpice. P92 is the subroutine number, which could be used inside tool change scripts to perform 'pen-down'.
  • Use several passes: for weak machines - engrave the figure step by step with increasing depth, until final depth (Z-Height engrave) is reached. After each step, a Z-up will be applied, then move to the start position of the figure, then Z-down to the next step.
  • Depth per pass: the increment of depth from one step to the next.
  • Avoid Z-up: after one step, directly move to the start position of the figure, then Z-down to the next step.
  • Do not switch on spindle: 'activates the spindle on program start' will be skipped.


PWM for RC-Servo

Note: a special grbl version is needed to get the correct PWM specifications. The real PWM range is defined via $30/$31!

  • Spindle Speed as PWM: with pen-down a M3 / M4 Sxx command will be sent, where xx the given PWM value is.
  • P90 to P94: define the PWM values for the corresponding positions.
  • Skip command M30: usually the M30 command will be sent on program end, which causes grbl to set M5 (spindle off) which may cause some RC-servos to move to the wrong end position (pen-down).
  • Send command to check: if activated, the last changed PWM value will be sent to grbl for real live check..




Spindle / Laser

  • Spindle On/Off: applies a M3/ M4 Sx on pen-down (x = given spindle speed from the general settings) and a M5 (spindle off) on pen-up.
    Note: activate lasermode to replaces the M5 spindle off command by M3/M4 S0 command





Individual commands

  • Pen Up: apply indivdual code for pen-up, separate lines with ';'.
  • Pen Down: apply indivdual code for pen-down, separate lines with ';'.






G-Code modification

Split original moves

  • Divide G1 lines into segments with max. length: given G1 moves will be splitted after given distance to apply script-code e.g. to refresh water-color-brush.
  • equidistant segements: G1 move will be splitted into equal distances.
  • Insert subroutine: after each line-segment this subroutine will be applied.
  • Insert also on begin of path: also apply subroutine at start of the original G1 move.
  • Apply pen-up/-down before/after subroutine: .


Convert Z-axis to spindle speed

This is the setup for the transform-item 'Convert Z to S value'.
With this transformation, the G-Code in the editor can be transformend from Z-axis-use to laser-use.

The real PWM range is defined via $30/$31!

  • Maximum S at minimum Z: set the S-value for the most negative Z value
  • Minimum S at maximum Z: set the S-value for the least negative Z value.
  • S at Z > 0: set the S-value for 'pen-up' or laser off.



This settings may not work as expected

  • Compress G-Code: skips unneded commands, makes the G-Code less readable but may enhances streaming
  • Relative movements: Uses G91 (incremental distance mode) instead of G90 (absolute distance mode) command. May cause problems when transforming the G-Code.


Convert XY to polar coordinates

Converts all XY values(cartesian coordinates) to radius/angle values (polar coordinates). X gets the radius values, Y gets the angle values.
This settings are also valid if conversion via [Menu - G-Code Transform] will be performed.

  • Accuracy: straight lines will be convertes to curves by short line sections, this value defines the length of the sections


Use case

If enabled the use-case dialog opens on each graphics-import.
Use cases contains a reduced amount of saved machine settings (ini-file) to do a quick setup of the settings.

Also a saved machine-setup [Menu - File - Export machine settings] can be used as a use-case, when copied to the usecase folder (check [Menu - About] for the current location).





Tool table

Settings, which are related to specific pen-color or pen-width, if tool table is in use.

Examples: [Laser and Pen] [Manual pen change] [Automatic pen change]








Assign scripts, which will be performed on M06 command. See also 'Automatic pen change'


See also: Tool change how it works



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