Coordinate Systems

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This form shows all coordinates, stored by grbl.

  • Coordinate System (more info here):
    • Select: switch between coordinate systems G54 to G59 - the actual work coordinate will change.
    • Work P.: Set actual XY work position to 0;0.
    • Marker P.: Set actual XY marker position to 0;0.
    • Set 0: set XYZ offsets to 0;0;0 (and also A,B,C if available) - work coordinate and machnine coordinate are now the same.
  • Predefined Position: move to or set G28 / G30 position. More info here.
  • G92 Coordinate system offset: More info here.
  • Probing result: shows the last result of probing.
  • TLO (tool length offset): More info here.


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