Laser alignment

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Tool to generate laserengraving test pattern:











Result of "Create test pattern":








Result of "Create single test":









Laser alignment should help to find the settings for focus, feed rate and laser power, by scanning one parameter.

  • Laser settings: switch laser-mode on/off, select M3 (constant laser power mode) or M4 (dynamic laser power mode) .
    Get more informations here:
  • Motion during scan: define the scan distance in X direction, a time delay before start in sec. PWM-value for weak laser (for alignement), after a scan, move Y by (to be prepared for the next scan)
  • Scan Z to find focus on constant speed and power: move Z axis from +z to -z calculated from actual Z value with given feed rate and laser power during the X move. 
  • Scan X speed on constant power (without Z axis): changes the feed rate during the X move in given steps, while laser-power stays constant.
  • Scan laser power on constant speed (without Z axis): changes the laser power during the X move in given steps, while feed rate stays constant.


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