Create Simple Shapes

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First adjust the general settings:

  • Diameter: of the tool, needed to calculate tool path of inner or outer shape.
  • Z+: the max. depth per step.
  • Feed-XY: max. feed rate for XY moves F-value.
  • Feed-Z: max. feed rate for Z move F-value.
  • Overlap %: of tool diameter for neighboring lanes.
  • Spindle-Spd: spindle speed S-value).
  • Depth: the final depth of the shape.
  • Origin: where to place the shape in work coordinates.
  • Toolpath: in, on or outside the shape.






Rectangle / Circle:

Select the desired shape and setup the dimensions.
Create Pocket: creates a pocket within the shape.





Round off:

Creates a round off in XY plane.







Creates a bevel in the XY plane.






Round off Z:





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