Process Automation

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Process Automation:

With process automation, a workflow can be programmed and run repeatedly.

Implemented functions:

  • Load any file (Gcode, graphic, setup, usecase)
  • Create Text
  • Create Barcode / QR-Code
  • Scale, Rotate, Offset the displayed graphic
  • Send any Gcode command
  • Start fiducial recognition with camera
  • Start Probing - Edg finder, Center finder, Tool length, Fiducial correction
  • Start streaming the G-Code from editor
  • Wait for signal input probe pin
  • Wait for signal input digital input
  • Beep
  • Sound
  • Jump back to line x, for repition






Example 1 - Laser engraving clothpins with icons and names from a list:


Example 2 - Importing, aligning and streaming graphic files from a list:









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