Process Automation

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Process Automation:

With process automation, a workflow can be programmed and run repeatedly.

Implemented functions:

  • Load any file (Gcode, graphic, setup, usecase)
  • Send any Gcode command
  • Start fiducial recognition with camera
  • Start Probing - Edg finder, Center finder, Tool length, Fiducial correction
  • Start streaming the G-Code from editor
  • Jump back to line x, for repition





After opening the process automation, the last loaded automation script will be opened and any problem will be marked in red. Further information is listed below the table.
Automation scripts can only be loaded from data subfolder automation (check "About" info for path).
Possible problems:

  • File to load is not existent.
  • Code to send, can't be sent, because no connection to controller.
  • Fiducial recognition could not work, becuase Camera form is not open.




If no problem exists with the script, the start button is enabled.








After starting the actual processed line is marked.








After stopping the process automation, the actual step will be processed to the end (streaming the G-Code until finished)

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