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This feature was made to assign colors to specific pens, which must be defined in the tool table.

The first tab gives the option of some presets for filters to adapt the image colors. Each image color will be assigned to a pen-color of the tool-table.






Image correction: via the filters, the color assignment to the tool-colors can be changed.
Adjust result image-size and resolution via 'Output size'.






Color effects: more filters to change the color assignment to the tool-colors.  







Color replacing: Algorithm how to find the tool-color by given image-color.
Finally the assigned tool-colors can be deselected.







G-Code generation - Color as Tool Nr.:
Draw selection: the vectorized result image contains object filling and object borders, each can be selected seperatly.
Example: Video Mini CNC Easter greetings





G-Code generation - Gray value as Z or S.:
Instead of colors, the gray value will be interpreted as a depth information, whichh can be translated as Z-axis value or spindle-PWM (for servo control).
Example: Video Halftone plotting using grbl laser mode





Tool table:

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