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Text creation:

Single-line font (Hershey):

  • Select the desired font . examples for Hershey fonts can be checked on the tab Font infomration.
  • Letter height: height in G-Code units (usually mm).
  • Letter distance: the space between the letters can be increased or decreased.
  • Line distance: the space between the lines can be increased or decreased.
  • Line break after: automatically inserts a line break after the specified width.


System font:

  • Select the desired font, size, etc via the font selection dialog
  • Calculate font-size to get desired text width (without word-wrap)
  • Calculate font-size to get desired text height (without word-wrap)
  • If word wrap is active, word wrap will be taken into account, when generating the G-Code. Change size of the form to control the word wrap
  • Most Unicode characters (e.g. ☢☣⚠⚡⚓☘✌☠☏☂☔☀☁⚽☝) can be found in font "Segoe UI Emoji" or "Segoe UI Symbol"




  • Apply hatch fill
  • Add Pause: inserts a pause (M0) command into the G-Code to allow manual 'tool' (pen) changes.
  • Connect letters: no pen-up between letters within a word.
  • Get values from tool table: for G-Code creation use settings from selected tool.



Font information:

Simple preview to check font examples. Preview can be zoomed and moved.








Fonts with a closed shape can be 'hatch'-filled.






More informations:
Creating SVG-Fonts

Infos about LFF-Fonts from LibreCAD:

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